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What can M-T Management, Inc. do for you?


We strive to place effective ads. Continuous online ads with photos are run on our website and at Rentalhomesplus, Trulia, Zillow, Hotpads and more. You pay only the actual cost for a stand alone ad.

Tenant Screening

Applicants pay for a full screening that checks their rental, employment, credit and criminal history performed by an outside screening company.

Tenant Leases + Restrictions + Responsibilities

We act as your agent to sign leases that follow the Landlord-Tenant and Fair Housing laws of Washington. All tenant restrictions and responsibilities are spelled out and made part of the lease.

Rent Collection

Rent is due on the first, late after the fifth of each month. Tenants pay directly to us and we maintain an account that follows each property. If the rent is not paid by the 6th, a 14 day pay or vacate notice may be served and the service fee is a tenant expense.

Monthly Statements

Between the 10th and 15th of each month a detailed statement of the income received and expenses paid is sent to you by email. An account balance of $200 is retained in your account for each property and proceeds are deposited by ACH into the bank account of your choice. A check or paper statement may be mailed if that is your choice with payment of a special handling fee. Online owner web access is available. 


Tenants call US with problems. Emergency or small maintenance issues are handled immediately by our trusted subcontractors, who are all licensed and insured. Larger issues that can be handled over time are decided in conjunction with you via phone, fax, or email.

Security Deposit Accounting

Tenant damage/security/cleaning deposits are kept in a trust account and are refundable to the tenant at move out, less amounts owing for utilities, cleaning, carpet cleaning or repairs. We follow all state laws concerning tenant trust accounting.

Evictions and Collections

If necessary we will have a 14 day pay or vacate notice or a 10 day notice to comply or quit served and/or proceed with eviction. Unpaid accounts are sent to a collection agency.

Our goal is to maximize the performance of your investment and preserve the value of your property.  Our years of experience and professional licensing are at your service.

We would be happy to discuss our approach, fees, and management agreement.  Please call (509) 922-3942 or email maria@m-tmanagement.com. Please see the Law of Real Estate Agency Pamphlet here: https://m-tmanagement.com/agency-pamphlet